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ATS Group Ensures Streamlined Cloud Backups with IBM Spectrum Protect
July 6, 2017

IBM Spectrum Protect Case Study

ATS Group discovered that IBM Spectrum Protect can support robust cloud backups, providing users with the ability to migrate backed up data to the cloud slowly and consistently in a way that allows for significant control.

The Challenge

With more companies seeking reliable cloud backups everyday, ATS Group wanted to ensure that these needs could be met using IBM Spectrum Protect technology. Spectrum Protect environments are highly scalable and capable of handling petabytes of data with robust and consistent cloud support.
Before scheduled backups can take place, ATS Group needed to configure and connect Spectrum Protect to the cloud environment to enable the migration, and monitor the performance of the new cloud backup platform as data was transferred.

The Solution

ATS Group installed Spectrum Protect within a simulated customer environment, including dummy hosts and created backup data. A cloud cache and storage pool was also established, enabling data to be backed up to the Spectrum Protect environment through the cloud cache. From here, data is copied to Object Storage, where it is encrypted both at rest and during transit, ensuring security and usability in a scenario in which access to backup data is required.
This backup process, hinging upon Spectrum Protect and Object Storage, takes place on a scheduled, daily basis. In this way, the most recent versions of data are continually accessible via the cloud backup environment.

The Results

ATS Group discovered that Spectrum Protect can support several different operating systems for cloud backups, including Windows and Linux. And because this type of setup includes a cloud cache, users can migrate backed up data to the cloud slowly and consistently in a way that allows for significant control.
In addition, because each server does not require a connection to the cloud provider, users are afforded even more control over the environment’s resource usage and performance. This style of cloud backup is especially ideal for organizations seeking to move away from legacy backup systems, as well as those preferring not to make the considerable investment needed for tapes and outside storage.
Want to learn more? Download the PDF: IBM Spectrum Protect and Backing up to Object Storage in the Cloud

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Written by Andy Wojnarek
Andy is a seasoned IT professional with 18 years of experience in the industry. He currently serves as a Principal Solutions Architect, where he leverages his expertise to take the art of the possible and make it a reality for customers. Andy is highly skilled in monitoring and data analytics, with 10 years of experience managing thousands of hosts for clients and 5 years of experience managing a 3+ petabyte Splunk implementation. He holds a wide variety of IT certificates and is fluent in several programming languages, including Shell, Ruby, Golang, Lua, and Python. Andy has a proven track record as a technical leader and has successfully led large technical teams to satisfy customer requirements. He has also managed performance and capacity for massive parallel compute systems, including enterprise-wide capacity forecasting. He is passionate about his work and dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for his clients.