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ATS Group, Galileo & IBM: Empowering Optimal IT Infrastructures Together
June 18, 2018

For years, IBM has been a leading choice for technology solutions within the enterprise industry and beyond. This staple technology giant is responsible for some of today’s most advanced innovations, and here at Galileo, we’re incredibly fortunate to have robust ties to Big Blue.

ATS Group & Galileo: Born from IBM

The story begins with Galileo Performance Explorer’s parent company, The ATS Group, which actually has strong connections to IBM itself. Before establishing The ATS Group, and later developing Galileo Performance Explorer, founders Tim Conley and Chris Churchey both served as IBM Systems architects and engineers.
In addition, among The ATS Group’s leadership staff is Senior Account Manager and Senior Systems Engineer Bill Maloney, who is also an IBM Certified Specialist. Further strengthening ties between The ATS Group, Galileo and IBM is the recognition of the ATS Group’s Systems Engineer, Josh Kwedar, as one of 2017’s Fresh Faces of IBM AIX by IBM Systems Magazine.

A Gold Partner at Top IBM Events

The ATS Group is an IBM Gold Partner, and their team, along with Galileo Performance Explorer team members, are mainstays at leading annual IBM conferences, including their newest conglomerate, IBM Think. Our Galileo Performance Explorer team particularly enjoyed our time at this year’s conference, which covered concepts in cloud, technology infrastructure, security, artificial intelligence, blockchain and more.
Galileo consistently takes part in the IBM Systems Technical Universities (#IBMTechU) – the most recent of which was held in May and included talks on a wide variety of topics. Attendees who visited our Galileo booth enjoyed a relaxed environment where they could receive tips and best practices on maintaining, migrating and transforming their critical IBM systems.

Galileo and IBM: An Ideal Match

Speaking of Galileo-specific benefits, our ties with IBM don’t end at the tech giant’s annual universities and conferences. These events provide an ideal opportunity for us to showcase how well Galileo’s infrastructure performance monitoring capabilities can optimize IBM infrastructure solutions and initiatives.
Galileo Performance Explorer is proud to support an array of IBM products, ensuring users have the most insight into the capacity and performance of their most crucial systems. Galileo provides monitoring for IBM server, storage and cloud systems including:

  1. IBM AIX
  2. IBM i
  3. IBM Spectrum Scale
  4. IBM DS3000, DS4000 and DS5000
  5. IBM DS8000
  6. IBM FlashSystem
  8. IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  9. IBM V7000 Unified
  10. IBM VIX
  11. IBM Cloud

We’re also expanding our IBM technology agents for Galileo Performance Explorer all the time – we’ll also soon support IBM Power HMC.

Galileo: A Validated Technology

We’re also pleased to be a validated technology as part of IBM’s Ready for Program with a designation as Ready for IBM Storage. As a validated IBM PartnerWorld solution, Galileo users are empowered through our intelligent and user-friendly dashboards to monitor, manage and enhance their essential IBM infrastructure systems.
“Our inclusion in the Ready for IBM Storage program further validates our vision and commitment to comprehensively support IBM clients in their infrastructure optimization initiatives from basic capacity planning needs to extensive IT transformations,” said Galileo’s Vice President of Marketing, Kelly Nuckolls.
The ATS Group and Galileo Performance Explorer understand the critical importance of IBM systems within enterprise infrastructures across every industry sector, and we’re pleased to provide solutions that seamlessly integrate and empower IBM users to glean the most value from their technology.
To find out more about the advantages of leveraging Galileo Performance Explorer alongside your company’s key IBM systems, connect with our experts today.

Written by Cindy Hollenbach