About Andy Wojnarek

Andy has ten years of experience in the IT industry, including seven spent as a systems engineer facilitating AIX and Linux systems. His skills include virtualization, LPAR/VM creation, scripting, software installation, maintenance, connectivity, powerHA, NIM administration, and AIX/Linux administration. His expertise as technical lead facilitating teams of technical UNIX engineers allows him meet the needs of customers. He has experience working with NPIV, vscsi, and various forms of ethernet adapters on POWER hardware; automated solutions and patch management; including setup, maintenance and reporting. This experience also includes remediation of audit issues and devising reporting systems for security compliance.


Hadoop is undoubtedly the most popular Open Source software suite used to process big datasets using the MapReduce programming model. It makes sense that we’d want to tune and configure Hadoop on the most IBM Powerful architecture for running big […]

The ATS Group is a business partner specializing in the full IBM enterprise stack, and IBM Spectrum Protect in particular. We’ve helped customers set up IBM Spectrum Protect environments that backup petabytes of data in a way that’s robust and […]

ATS Group Ensures Streamlined Cloud Backups with IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Protect Case Study ATS Group discovered that IBM Spectrum Protect can support robust cloud backups, providing users with the ability to migrate backed up data to the cloud slowly and consistently in a way that allows for significant […]