Author: Steve Horan

Steve has 10 years of experience in a wide range of IT. His current focus is geared toward Linux, Cloud, DevOp’s, Container and Kubernetes. His expertise range widely, including multiple Linux distributions, AIX, scripting, performance tuning, virtualization technologies, high availability technologies, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, Python, Go, AWS Solutions Architect and SysOps as well as patch managements solutions. Steve enjoys testing and benchmarking new bleeding edge technologies and carries strong troubleshooting skills. Steve's current projects include Cloud Migration/Integration, Client Education, Application Lifecycle development, Client Container migration, DevOp’s and Pre-Sales assistance.

IBM Spectrum Protect and Suse Enterprise Storage 5

A Brief History…

The ATS Group has long provided services around the IBM Spectrum Protect product. It has been a mature solution that we continue to standby. We also continuously explore new technology everyday. Roughly 2 years ago I remember heavily investing time in reviewing the Open Source project Ceph. The product felt like it had all of the pieces, however, the complexity seemed rather unnecessary. Most notably performance and data consistency concerns plagued the project. Consequently, as a result, I followed the project until some major players began to take interest.

 Fast forwarding…

The Ceph project seems to have finally become mainstream. All previous issues have been largely addressed. Many large enterprises have adopted the project for a wide variety of workloads. The Suse Enterprise Storage product built on top of Ceph has since become a leader as a solution for this project. Check out our findings below in how we believe Suse Enterprise Storage 5 can complement our customers existing Spectrum Protect solutions.

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