September 20, 2016 | ATS Presentation at IBM Edge in Las Vegas

ATS Senior Systems Engineer Josh Kwedar discusses leveraging IBM’s clustered filesystem in a high performance computing environment to achieve maximum throughput for maximum performance of business analytics applications.

Optimizing Spectrum Scale/V7000/Flash and POC of Scale/Protect for < 512 byte files

Tuesday, Sept. 20th
2:15pm to 3:15pm.

MGM Grand – Room 102

In this presentation, you will see…

  1. How Optimizing a Spectrum Scale design with multiple V7000’s and Flash 900’s for a SAS Grid cluster resulted in maximum throughput.
  2. POC results of how Spectrum Scale V4 features, Spectrum Protect and Lessons Learned significantly reduced backup/restore times of millions of files, most of which were less than 512 bytes in size.