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AWS Certifications Add Value for The ATS Group and Galileo Performance Explorer

Amazon Web Services has been the undisputed leader of the cloud market for years now, providing the support and backbone for some of today’s biggest companies and most critical user services. Currently, Amazon holds a 62 percent share in the public… Read more »

A Brief History… The ATS Group has long provided services around the IBM Spectrum Protect product. It has been a mature solution that we continue to standby. We also continuously explore new technology everyday. Roughly 2 years ago I remember… Read more »

As an IBM premier business partner, we are always looking for creative ways to meet our customer’s needs. The demand for low cost, quickly deployed solutions is ever increasing in today’s “cloud first” climate. Many of our customers have invested… Read more »

IBM Object Cloud Storage

IBM Cloud Object Storage is part of the IBM family of Storage and Software-Defined Infrastructure. IBM Cloud Object storage allows you to choose flexible deployment options – dedicated and private cloud or public and shared cloud, implemented within a region… Read more »

With Sr. Systems Engineer, Rob Jackard’s, extensive background and subject manner expertise, he’s often asked to participate in IBM Redbooks as a contributor. Check out the newly updated IBM Redbook publication that Rob collaborated on that describes the concepts, architecture,… Read more »