Architecture & Health Checks

Keeping Your IT Environment Running

To build a flexible, scalable and secure IT environment; you need strong IT infrastructure. This means that the physical components—including server, storage, application, and SAN assets—need to be effective, reliable, and budget-friendly. You must ensure that your IT infrastructure is correctly sized, properly maintained, and operating at peak efficiency. You also need processes in-place to ensure availability, performance, and security. These will ultimately allow you to increase your productivity, reduce overall risk, and lower operating costs.

Deep Analysis for Real Results

At ATS, we use our proprietary Galileo Performance Explorer® software to analyze the current state of your environment. We then work closely with your IT stakeholders to provide recommendations that solve technical problems, improve system performance, and maximize stability.

Trust in Our Experience

Since we are not a reseller, we do not rely on product sales, maintenance fees, or referrals. Our team of subject-matter experts are experienced and certified consultants focused and passionate about client success and in providing you services tailored to your unique organizational needs.

We offer comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions that include:

Server Systems Integration Solutions. In order to get the most from your IT infrastructure, you need the right server system at its core. That means choosing the right platform, building it to the right size, and configuring it to your unique application environment. With all of these elements in place; you can maximize scalability, lower your operational costs, and greatly enhance overall system performance.

Storage Systems Integration Solutions. Our expertise as an established IT infrastructure leader helps make all this possible with integrated solutions compatible with Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid Storage, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Software Defined Storage, Flash Storage, Virtualization, and IBM Spectrum Storage.

Data Protection & Storage Management Solutions. With the growth of big data, the amount of information your IT environment needs to capture and retain grows every day. At the same time, the threat of data loss from both external security threats and internal system failures is greater than ever. We can design, build, and execute data protection and storage management solutions to meet the unique challenges facing your organization.