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Solution Guide: ATS Power Cloud Client Stories
November 25, 2023

ATS Power Cloud: Ultimate Flexibility & Control

A collection of case studies for the modern IT organization running IBM Power.

Not all clouds are created equal.

While many providers offer commoditized, pre-defined solutions, ATS believes in offering something ⚡different ⚡—fully customizable cloud solutions that adapt to your unique business needs.

This eBook delves into the stories of three of our valued clients who have harnessed the potential of ATS’ fully customizable cloud solutions.


Discover how ATS has helped the following companies create meticulously tailored cloud solutions for their IBM Power environments.

  • A disaster site for a North American apparel distributor
  • A large-scale Dev/QA/Production testing environment for a west-coast software security company
  • A massive production environment for a global insurer

No more compromises. No more settling for one-size-fits-all solutions. There’s a better way: ATS Power Cloud.
Download your copy to explore the real-world success stories of those who chose a cloud that adapts to their needs rather than
a cloud that constrains them.


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Written by Kristy Slimmer
Kristy creates and executes lead generation and nurture strategies, content strategy and distribution, and administers business tools and systems.