Capacity & Performance Management

See everything, miss nothing with the industry’s first integrated suite for servers, storage, SAN, and applications. Galileo Performance Explorer is a software-as-a-service that was developed by former IBM systems architects and engineers at the ATS Group in 2007 to improve IT utilization and capacity planning with proactive, convenient cloud-based solutions.

A Single, Powerful Solution to Infrastructure Performance Management

Gain valuable insights in minutes from a single pane of glass visual console to eliminate delays in making remediation decisions, prioritize service impacting optimizations, and help proactively prevent critical slowdowns or outages. Galileo makes performance management of your entire IT infrastructure simple using Enterprise and Predictive Analytics Dashboards.

How It Works

The Back Story

Galileo was initially created by Tim Conley and Chris Churchey at the ATS Group to simplify the support of its consulting clients. The tool proved so easy to use, it was made available to clients as a cloud service for ad hoc access to their infrastructure performance metrics. Today, Galileo empowers systems administrators to CIOs at SMBs, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies, including leaders in security-sensitive industries such as financial services and healthcare.