Cloud Computing Consulting Services

Your partner on the path to cloud

ATS provides strategic, end-to-end cloud consulting services to help navigate your journey and maximize the benefits. Our expert solutions are based on implementation best practices and will minimize the complexity risk when migrating and operating in the cloud. By teaming our certified consultants with your business leaders, ATS can help you plan for, stand up and integrate an optimal cloud environment to ensure the success of your strategic and technical requirements.

Defining the when and how of cloud

At ATS, we help our clients move away from their inflexible, costly, legacy systems and embrace the new generation of technology. By partnering with us, you can easily gather expert advice across public, private or hybrid options to help you choose the right cloud environment for your business.

ATS will help you assess your cloud readiness, identify applications and workloads for migration and minimize transition risk.  Our deep knowledge and industry-leading partnerships helps our team develop solutions that align with our client’s needs. Our team can help you:

  • Choose the solutions that work best for your business and technical requirements and processes
  • Build a solid cloud migration and implementation plan and manage the timeline
  • Go live with limited risk and disruption to the business
  • Train and support end users before and after the migration is complete

ATS offers customized cloud computing services such as:

  • Solutions architecture
  • Backing up to a cloud
  • Object storage implementations & consultations
  • Cloud, on-prem and hybrid assessments
  • On-prem to cloud performance and cost analysis

Knowing what benefits are possible with a cloud and having a solid road map to unlock them has proven to be a difficult and overwhelming. That’s where ATS’ 650+ years of combined consulting experience and understanding of IT challenges can pay of. Unlock the potential of cloud with ATS.