Enterprise Class Monitoring

Scalable, Enterprise Level, All-in-One, Monitoring Platform

IT innovation and transformation presents several critical challenges, including the rising level of complexity of enterprise infrastructures. The near constant deployment of new applications and additional systems creates revolving performance and management obstacles for the IT team.

Increased functionality, by its nature, goes hand-in-hand with complexity. The many different layers of hardware and software, both on-prem and off, rely on each other and require comprehensive management for operational uptime. When important systems run slowly or experience unplanned outages, pinpointing the root cause is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Compounding the intricacy of the issue is the immediate need for resolution. Even the smallest concerning factors can impact performance and set off a chain reaction, resulting in costly downtime.

The solution is to incorporate an enterprise-class, open source monitoring solution. Real-time monitoring and alerting services from the ATS Group and Zabbix can provide the necessary visibility to inform organizations of the condition of key infrastructure assets, as well as the steps required to keep them in optimal health.

A scalable, all-inclusive, real-time platform

Many organizations struggle to find a monitoring solution that offers the type of scalability and unique attributes that they require to keep tabs on their environment. As an infrastructure expands, IT teams patch holes of visibility with one-off solutions that oversee only one system at a time. This leads to endless dashboards with limited views and data silos that prevent a quick fix of critical performance issues.

Growing businesses need a scalable, all-in-one solution that can adapt to meet their expanding needs. Whenever a new system or app is incorporated within the infrastructure, it should be seamlessly integrated in the monitoring ecosystem to provide the most complete and comprehensive picture of IT health.

Enterprise-class, distributed monitoring

The ATS Group leverages Zabbix to enable access to dynamic monitoring and alerting from a single, easy-to-use platform. The technology offers several features including:

  • Data collection to enable across-the-board oversight that goes beyond that of just a single host: Users can choose from data assembly options including SNMP and IPMI, agents, agentless and special monitoring, virtual machine and database monitoring, web scenarios, Java applications, calculation and aggregation, as well as internal performance monitoring.
  • Problem detection according to collected data and dynamic, custom thresholds: Once a threshold is reached, the status of the asset or asset groups changes to a problem and switches back once the issue has been resolved. Users can incorporate different severity levels to prioritize IT activity. In this way, IT professionals can easily see, with a single glance, if there are any problems with their assets and the associated distress levels. This feature also provides advanced root cause analysis, anomaly detection and trend predictions.
  • Alerting and notifications sent to authorized IT staff members, ensuring that no detected event goes unaddressed: These warnings can include tailored messages according to runtime and inventory information according to each recipient’s role.
  • Automated monitoring capabilities for large environments:
    • Periodic scans of the network to discover device types, IP, status and uptime
    • Low-level discovery for the automatic creation of items, triggers and graphs for specific device items
    • Auto-registration of active agents to support automatic monitoring of new equipment added to the IT environment
  • Data virtualization, particularly for expansive data sets, to enable comprehensive understanding of usage trends across the entire infrastructure: Users can access visual views of charts, network maps, acquired values and event lists, as well as drill down into graphically-intuitive reports for additional depth and details.
  • Security and authentication tactics to ensure the privacy and security of your critical information: The technology is kept secure through vigorous encryption, multiple authentication methods and flexible permissions, and because the platform is built on open source code, users are able to easily conduct security audits.

Enabling strategic initiatives

Real-time monitoring services from the ATS Group empowers organizations with the visibility, access and insight needed to support performance and planning:

  • Proactive warnings: Make IT personnel aware of any emerging issues.
  • Automation: Set routine tasks such as network and low-level discovery and agent registration to auto-pilot.
  • Downtime prevention: Enable user access to real-time environment information, as well as customized warnings and notifications.
  • Service quality assurance: Compare and analyze collected real-time data to service-level guarantees.
  • Proactive resource planning: Predictively map resource utilization and availability to the needs of future projects.

Supported technologies

With Zabbix-powered monitoring solutions from the ATS Group, system administrators and IT teams can find the root cause of issues quickly and resolve problems with real-time visibility supported for the following technologies:

  • Networks
  • Servers
  • Cloud
  • Services
  • KPI and SLA
  • Databases
  • Website Monitoring
  • Virtual Machines
  • Application
  • Storage Devices
  • Java
  • Applications
  • Telephony
  • Security

To find out more about how the infrastructure experts at the ATS Group can support your organization’s needs for a real-time monitoring solution, connect with us today.