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IBM Spectrum Protect and Backing up to Object Storage in the Cloud
August 26, 2017

The ATS Group is a business partner specializing in the full IBM enterprise stack, and IBM Spectrum Protect in particular.

We’ve helped customers set up IBM Spectrum Protect environments that backup petabytes of data in a way that’s robust and actually works at scale. There has been an explosion of the cloud as well as a downpour of people talking cloud migration – and there’s nothing easier than moving your backups to the cloud.
Download full POC here:

Written by Andy Wojnarek
Andy is a seasoned IT professional with 18 years of experience in the industry. He currently serves as a Principal Solutions Architect, where he leverages his expertise to take the art of the possible and make it a reality for customers. Andy is highly skilled in monitoring and data analytics, with 10 years of experience managing thousands of hosts for clients and 5 years of experience managing a 3+ petabyte Splunk implementation. He holds a wide variety of IT certificates and is fluent in several programming languages, including Shell, Ruby, Golang, Lua, and Python. Andy has a proven track record as a technical leader and has successfully led large technical teams to satisfy customer requirements. He has also managed performance and capacity for massive parallel compute systems, including enterprise-wide capacity forecasting. He is passionate about his work and dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for his clients.