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October 30, 2017

Hadoop is undoubtedly the most popular Open Source software suite used to process big datasets using the MapReduce programming model. It makes sense that we’d want to tune and configure Hadoop on the most IBM Powerful architecture for running big data workloads: IBM Power.

In this document, we’re going to explore running Hadoop on IBM Power, examine some workloads and tune for success. We’re measuring against a single node architecture, because we want to find out how one node performs under load. This will allow us to speculate how it will scale over hundreds of nodes so we can accurately advise our customers.
Download full POC here:

Written by Andy Wojnarek
Andy is a seasoned IT professional with 18 years of experience in the industry. He currently serves as a Principal Solutions Architect, where he leverages his expertise to take the art of the possible and make it a reality for customers. Andy is highly skilled in monitoring and data analytics, with 10 years of experience managing thousands of hosts for clients and 5 years of experience managing a 3+ petabyte Splunk implementation. He holds a wide variety of IT certificates and is fluent in several programming languages, including Shell, Ruby, Golang, Lua, and Python. Andy has a proven track record as a technical leader and has successfully led large technical teams to satisfy customer requirements. He has also managed performance and capacity for massive parallel compute systems, including enterprise-wide capacity forecasting. He is passionate about his work and dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for his clients.