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Transparent Cloud Tiering with IBM Spectrum Scale
November 6, 2017

With the release of IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2.1, IBM is now offering a hybrid cloud solution to leverage object cloud storage as an additional tier within their ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) engine.

As an IBM Business Partner, we’ve stood up several IBM Spectrum Scale environments that leverage the ILM engine for data placement and migration using on prem hardware including near-line SAS, Flash, and Spectrum Archive (LTFS). Our customers have expressed an interest in an additional off prem tier for cold data as their rate of data ingest and available rack space does not allow them enough time or space to react to immediate capacity needs. In an effort to enhance our offering, we’ve conducted a proof of concept of IBM Spectrum Scale TCT (Transparent Cloud Tiering) in our Innovation Center.
Download full POC here:


Written by Cindy Hollenbach