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Understanding the Zabbix Roadmap & Upcoming 2018/2019 Releases
September 13, 2018

The ATS Group has extensive experience and expertise in Zabbix implementation services in the United States, pioneering enterprise level, real-time monitoring for organizations of all sizes. Our partnership with Zabbix enables us to execute projects of all sizes related to solution consultation, integration, implementation and support.
At the request of partners and customers, a development roadmap was recently published to keep the Zabbix community in the know of what’s to come. As of the date of this post (September 13, 2018), this page contains information about Zabbix 4.0 and 4.2.

Zabbix 4.0 – ETA: September 2018

Accessibility (Enterprise)
  • High contrast themes for Zabbix Web UI
  • Friendly UI for visually impaired people
  • Zabbix UI ready for assistive technologies
More flexible permissions (Enterprise)
  • Tag based permissions and alerting
  • Different problem view for different user groups
Advanced autoregistration (Enterprise)
  • Change role of already registered host
Dashboard and UI (Enterprise)
  • Kiosk mode for Dashboard and other pages
  • Easy to use time selector
  • Condensed view for problems
  • New graph widget with flexible selection of items
Interoperability (Enterprise)
  • Elastic as a backend database
  • Real-time export of collected data: history and events
Data collection (Enterprise)
  • Native support of data collection over HTTP/HTTPs
  • Monitoring of HTTP based APIs
  • Integration with HTTP based agents like Prometheus
Performance (Enterprise)
  • 20% performance improvements of Zabbix Server and Proxy
  • Faster processing and displaying of problems
Distributed monitoring (Enterprise)
  • Compression for server-proxy communications
  • Much faster data transfer
  • Lower requirements for network bandwidth
  • IP based validation for all proxy communications
Ease of use (User experience)
  • Manually execute item check
  • Mark mandatory fields in UI
  • Get rid of Monitoring->Triggers view
  • New filtering options for various views
Extreme flexibility (User experience)
  • Support of inventory macros in event tags
  • Control behaviour of item units
  • Macros for item preprocessing
Advanced work flow for problems (Enterprise)
  • Change problem severity manually
  • Optional message and operations when updating problem
  • Search problem by problem name
Tag based maintenance (Enterprise)
  • Problem tag level maintenance
  • Suppressing of problems by maintenance
Minor enhancements (General)
  • Improve database down message
  • New agent checks

Zabbix 4.2 – ETA: March 2019

Infrastructure (General)
  • Migration to Git
  • Community and partners to review proposals
  • Official builds for new platforms
Better workflow (Enterprise)
  • Guidelines for template creators
  • Versioning for templates
Data collection (Enterprise)
  • Validation and throttling rules for preprocessing
  • Discarding values and setting custom errors in preprocessing
  • Embedded language for extending preprocessing
  • Preprocessing for LLD rules including support of JSON and CSV
  • Out of the box support of Prometheus agents
Extreme flexibility (Enterprise)
  • New syntax for trigger expressions
  • Host and template level tags
  • Plugin system for dashboard widgets
  • Timeout on item level
Ease of use (User Experience)
  • Test actions and media types from UI
  • Test item preprocessing from UI
  • Merge calculated and aggregated items
  • Replace screens with dashboards
  • Multiple filters for Monitoring->Problems
Plugins (Enterprise)
  • Webhooks for actions
  • Webhooks on problem generation
  • Ability to extend context and top level menus
Discovery (Enterprise)
  • Use received data for hostname
Event processing (Enterprise)
  • Host and proxy level dependencies
Security and integrity (Enterprise)
  • API audit records for all operations
Scalability, Redundancy, HA and DM (Enterprise)
  • List of use cases
  • Research on possible solutions
Minor improvements (General)
  • Various improvements

Zabbix 4.4 has am ETA of September 2019, and  Zabbix 5.0 has an ETA of March 2020. NO additional data is available on those releases at this time.

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Written by Cindy Hollenbach