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IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions: Provisioning

Thanks to IBM Cloud, The ATS group can help you benefit from a seamless, hybrid cloud experience. This short video shows you how to do it by easily provisioning a new VMware vCenter server on an IBM Cloud instance.

  Application Modernization & Cloud on IBM Power Systems : Webinars & Virtual Center

Launching a multicloud or application modernization journey with IBM Power Systems? No need to reinvent the wheel—we have a variety of resources to help you learn how to get started.

Check out this video for a catalogue of help resources like hands-on remote labs, webinars, presentations and more.

Looking for a specific learning resource? Let The ATS group know how we can help.

 Helping Employees Find the Perfect Employees

 When PathMotion, a cloud-based talent acquisition firm, wanted to scale operations to break into new markets, it turned to Instana Observability by Instana APM. Read this case study for a look at impact and find out what can #IBM solutions from The ATS group can do for you.

Modernize AIX Applications in Place

With IBM Power Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, you can manage applications running on private and public clouds from a single multicloud tool. Check out this demo on how to modernize an AIX app deployed in Kubernetes managed by Red Hat OpenShift, brought to you by The ATS group.

#IBMPOWER #Kubernetes

 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Ready for a faster, easier way to run the enterprise hybrid cloud environment your business needs? With #RedHat Enterprise Linux 8, The ATS group can help you build an intelligent, stable and secure foundation for your modern, agile business. Check out this datasheet for a look at top features and benefits.


Hadoop is undoubtedly the most popular Open Source software suite used to process big datasets using the MapReduce programming model. It makes sense that we’d want to...