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Improve your IT service delivery.

Find out how to formulate a DevOps plan with ATS services to guide you through your DevOps lifecycle journey.

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DevOps designed to accelerate adoption

  • DevOps tailored to the way you do business
  • Planned strategy that works best for your organization
  • Advanced monitoring, orchestration, and automation
  • Real-world expertise from a team of SMEs who understand the DevOps lifecycle

A dependable cloud built and managed by people who know IBM.

Our team of engineers is highly skilled in current and legacy IBM Power platforms, supporting what most providers can't – or won't. 
You will sleep easy, knowing your expertly designed and managed IBM Power Systems environment is backed by an IBM Platinum Partner you can trust. 

Our Specialties

Walking the walk

We are not a development company. But we have an entire development team who works in the DevOps cycle every day. Paired with our services SMEs, we have collaborated to adopt DevOps in a way that works best for your organization. We apply this real-world expertise to help our customers do the same.


  • IBM Power
  • Lenovo
  • Nutanix

Data Protection

  • Spectrum Protect
  • Cobalt Iron
  • Veeam


  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Chef


  • IBM Storage
  • Cisco SAN
  • Brocade SAN

Operating Systems

  • AIX
  • Red Hat
  • SuSE
  • Windows
  • VMware


  • AWS
  • IBM Cloud
  • Google Cloud
  • OpenStack

What’s Included

Services and solutions that make DevOps easy

There isn’t just one path to DevOps. There’s only what works in your organization, and DevOps tooling and methodologies are numerous. Therefore, it’s hard to write a generic playbook to implement DevOps. That’s why you can count on ATS to help map out a customized strategy that works best for your organization.

Agile Methodology

A successful DevOps program requires collaboration among cross-functional teams. ATS will work at all levels of your organization to be sure that your DevOps journey is fully adopted.

Containerized Workloads

Tools such as Kubernetes and Docker can help you to create your systems, OS configs, and app deployments as code. ATS has architecture and implementation skills to make this process a snap.

Continuous Delivery

Not only can ATS help to operate your systems with advanced monitoring and orchestration, we will also design for operability in the first place so that your entire environment is easier to manage.

Infrastructure Automation

Let ATS help to formulate a plan to automate your infrastructure to make deployments more efficient, using tools such as Ansible, Puppet, and Chef.

Proven Success

The numbers don't lie

In our 18+ year history, we've saved customers over $89 million in excess spending by right-sizing and optimizing their infrastructure. We're also proud to boast of customer retention rate of over 98%!


Cost Savings


Customer Retention