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Digital Transformation with RHEL & ATS Group

An Open Approach to Hybrid Cloud

ATS Group and Red Hat have an open hybrid cloud strategy that enables you to run your applications across environments without rebuilding applications, retraining people, or maintaining disparate environments.

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Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) delivers a consistent, intelligent, and high-performance operating foundation, integrated with the broader Red Hat portfolio, to reduce overall IT complexity and support the migration of applications to different cloud environments.

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3 ways Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform accelerates innovation

3 ways Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform accelerates innovation
A Checklist

An automation strategy with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform can help you improve existing processes and execute your digital initiatives. Applying modern automation to your organization’s application environment helps your business better serve customers—so you can be successful in the digital economy. Here are three ways automation can help your organization accelerate innovation…

5 elements of successful digital transformation

5 Elements of Successful Digital Transformation

If a digital transformation project is unsuccessful, it is often because the technology was prioritized without devoting equal attention to
people and processes. In this checklist, learn how using 5 key elements when planning technology investments helps to prevent failure and
produce positive outcomes…

Deploy a platform for the future

Deploy a Platform for the Future

Choosing the proper Linux distribution is critical. Different Linux distributions offer different benefits. Some have lower subscription and ongoing operational costs. Others may integrate better with your existing infrastructure, as well as third-party hardware, software, and tools. Finally, each provides distinct support levels and time frames. In this whitepaper, see how Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you a foundation for modern IT…

Deploy a platform for the future

Digital Transformation, the Open Source Way

If transformation is the progressive accumulation of habits, simply understanding the elements required for a successful digital transformation
isn’t enough. You also need to adopt an open approach. By taking an open approach to architecture, process, and culture, you can change more than your technology–you transform how your entire organization operates…

Deploy a platform for the future

Accelerate Digital Transformation Through People, Process & Technology

When Omnitracs, a pioneer in transportation technology, was ready to modernize development practices to deliver new features to the market more rapidly, they chose Red Hat OpenShift. But digital transformation is more than a technology transition; many efforts fall short without a serious focus on the people and processes that drive change. Research indicates that up to 70% of transformation projects don’t reach their goals. Watch this discussion between leaders at Omnitracs and Red Hat to learn how to ensure your transformation successfully drives collaboration and innovation…

Deploy a platform for the future

Boost Security, Flexibility, and Scale at the Edge with RHEL

Edge computing can help you gain faster insights, increase data security, and reduce data transfer costs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers key features and benefits for edge deployments, and provides a consistent operational layer on top of inconsistent hardware and software, so you can extend your datacenter operations to the edge with confidence. Check out our eBook to learn more about how Red Hat Enterprise Linux can optimize your business at the edge…

Deploy a platform for the future

Avoiding Digital Transformation Failure

Improving customer experience, maximizing efficiency, and rapidly deploying secure applications are all excellent reasons to embark on a digital transformation. However, not all transformations are successful, and it is estimated that 4 out of 5 implementations fall short. You can use this handy document as an implementation roadmap, sharing it with leaders and team members alike…

Deploy a platform for the future

Predictions 2020: Edge Computing
Forrester Report

Edge computing has been among the most important trends associated with cloud computing and has enabled a multitude of use cases, beyond IoT and embedded systems, for infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals. The components of edge computing have been steadily maturing, and so has the industry definition of it. This report looks at five Forrester predictions for 2020 in the edge computing space…

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