This is IBM Think 2019 | Coming to San Francisco, March 2019

by | Sep 28, 2018

This post originally appeared on This is Think 2019 and was written by Kate Addicott. In a world that’s creating AI-enabled everything, how do you get more value from your data? You need to train it and trust it — to make your business smart, but also secure. Welcome to a new partnership between mankind and […]

This post originally appeared on This is Think 2019 and was written by

In a world that’s creating AI-enabled everything, how do you get more value from your data? You need to train it and trust it — to make your business smart, but also secure.
Welcome to a new partnership between mankind and machine. Discover insights and partnerships to fuel progress and innovation. Redesign workflows with IBM Cloud, IoT, and Blockchain. Solve the unsolvable with quantum computing.
Now is the time to apply these tools to our businesses and industries, our schools and stores, our farms and pharmacology, our banks and energy grids, our regulations and workflows. This is our moment to find the best ways forward through industry expertise and enterprise-grade security. Now is the time to come together. Now is the time for Think.
Here, we’ll explore how you can keep up with the latest updates about Think 2019 and what to expect in the months to come.

What is Think?

Think is one of the world’s most celebrated gatherings of passionate technologists, where the foremost business leaders, innovators, and visionaries share their stories. Think is the one conference designed to help you and your business put smart to work. Join us as we explore the relationship between mankind and machine and immerse ourselves in groundbreaking technologies. Together, we’ll hear stories about reinventing businesses, transforming industries, and making our world a better place.
Think 2019 is a business and technology conference focused on education, expertise, networking, and entertainment—all designed to give you the edge on the competition while having a great time! Connect with the world’s foremost business leaders and technical minds. Learn from their stories, their aspirations, their struggles, and their visions for the future. Find everything you need to know about the latest technologies in your industry.
Think offers a faster and more engaging approach to professional development, delivering a year’s worth of career-launching content in less than a week. As you explore the Think Campuses, you’ll see how the structure of these focused areas can help you dive into your topics of interest and discover solutions that have helped other industry leaders find great success.
Session topics will include:

  • Cloud, analytics, data, and mobile
  • Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet of Things
  • IT infrastructure, systems modernization, and quantum computing
  • Collaboration, customer engagement, human resources and talent, commerce, and finance
  • Security, resiliency, and compliance
  • Software development, APIs, Watson, and open source

What makes Think different?

Think is designed with your professional goals in mind. From tech deep dives to hands-on labs to one-on-one time with IBM experts, you’ll have the power to customize your entire experience to fit the needs and goals of your enterprise.

Are you a business leader who needs to know how the right technologies can help your company grow and thrive?

Think 2019 will introduce you to the experts who know how to answer your problems more accurately and completely than anyone else. They’ll help you understand how the latest cloud, AI, data, analytics, and security solutions can help you outpace the competition and stay ahead for years to come. You’ll learn how to give your teams what they need to integrate new technologies into current investments to optimize workflows, increase efficiency, reduce redundancy, and maximize your resources.
After less than a week at Think, we want you to go home ready to show your executives, investors and shareholders how modernizing your systems can lead your organization into a bold new era of industry-leading transformation.

Are you a technology professional who wants to keep up with the latest innovations in AI, cloud, IT infrastructure, data, analytics, and more?

At Think, you can hone your technical skills through hands-on labs and immersive experiences. You’ll find answers to your organization’s biggest challenges in our open Think Campuses, dedicated to deepening your understanding of advances in cloud, data, analytics, and AI.
You’ll find sessions on the latest in product integrations, hybrid solutions, application creation, automated workflows, and more. From there, you can even discuss specific applications and solutions with top IBM experts to find the right solutions for your business and form a solid strategy for moving forward.
With business and technology becoming more closely aligned, our experts can help guide your cross-functional conversations across the enterprise so you can successfully ensure that all stakeholders see the value of your technical strategy.

Are you looking for emerging technologies that can help you and your organization optimize enterprise operations, marketing, and finance?

Think is the only conference where you can explore all the latest IBM technologies and learn from global leaders who have found success integrating these solutions into their organizations. From AI to customer engagement solutions, you’ll find all the answers you seek in less than a week of sessions, Think Campus exploration, and one-on-one conversations with top experts. You’ll return from Think with a greater understanding of how the latest technologies can help your enterprise drive top-line growth and market share, increase operational efficiency, manage financial risks, put your data to work for you, and so much more.
All this is just a taste of what Think 2019 will bring.

Industry focus

Think 2019 will teach you how to navigate the trends and transformations in your industry—and even create the kind of disruptions that can put your enterprise on top. You’ll find specific experiences tailored to your industry’s needs in our Think Campuses—immersive areas designed to help you dive into the topics of your choice and understand which emerging technologies are the biggest help for your business.
Whatever your industry, Think will show you what your business needs to lead it.

Think in San Francisco

We’re taking over the streets of San Francisco. The center of all the action at Think 2019 will be the George R. Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco’s largest convention and exhibition complex, which spans three blocks and 87 acres. We’re looking forward to putting all that wonderful space to work delivering immersive, educational experiences you’ll never forget. Other venues for various activities will include surrounding hotels—namely the W, the Hilton, and the InterCon—as well as the beautiful Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Some of the bigger events like keynotes and surprise entertainment will take place in the spacious City View theaters.
We’re also ready to help you make the most of your time away from the conference. After your sessions and in between meetings, you’ll have a blast as you enjoy local hotspots, see the sites, grab a bite to eat, have a cocktail, and experience live entertainment in one of North America’s most exciting cities. You could explore Pier 39, take in the views at Golden Gate Park, visit Alcatraz Island, view masterpieces in the SFMOMA—and the list goes on.
So if you’re ready to see us expand the very definition of the word “conference,” then Think 2019 is the one event you definitely won’t want to miss!

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For years, IBM has been a leading choice for technology solutions within the enterprise industry and beyond. This staple technology giant is responsible for some of today’s most advanced innovations, and here at Galileo Performance Explorer, we’re incredibly fortunate to have robust ties to Big Blue.
Galileo, a leader in the capacity and performance management sector, will be sponsoring and attending the conference, along with their parent company, the ATS Group. We look forward to seeing you there!

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